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Luxury surfing at the Mentawais, Indonesia

by Mark Winson September 12, 2018

Luxury surfing at the Mentawais, Indonesia

A Tropicsurf Ratu Motu cruise combines thirty years of Sumatran exploration with the best liveaboard boat in the region. Formerly the Indies Trader 4, the now Ratu Motu is a large vessel ideal for groups of up to twenty - or simply anyone wanting size, robustness, speed and stability in a yacht.

Waves, Mentawais Indonesia

Surf the best waves on the planet. The A-list breaks are phenomenal, but also fast, hollow and shallow … and yes sometimes a little more crowded. However just one good wave here can be a life-changer.

Book a luxury surfing trip at the Mentawais, Indonesia

Once onboard, our guides will manage water safety, crowd minimisation and provide technique coaching.

April to October is the best time for waves in the Mentawais.

Tropicsurf will have available a full quiver of Firewire surfboards for guest use.