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Luxury surfing on private Islands in the Maldives

by Mark Winson September 12, 2018

Luxury surfing on private Islands in the Maldives

Explore perfect empty waves. Connect with your loved ones. Celebrate your accomplishments. Come and dream with your eyes open.

Living Room, Voavah Four Seasons Private Island Maldives

On the beach, overwater or in a panoramic Mezzanine Suite – each room option offers the utmost in seclusion and security.

Book a luxury surfing trip on private Islands in the Maldives

Tropicsurf’s objective is to supply private guides for every surfer, and take you into an idyllic breaks that you can enjoy in absolute privacy and solitude.

Voavah’s prime time for swell is June to September – but only because that’s when the biggest swells normally arrive. April, May and October are also possible.

Tropicsurf has a complete quiver of cutting edge eco-friendly boards available to Voavah guests.