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2019 Tropicsurf Annual



Intro written by Founder & Director of Tropicsurf, Ross Phillips. 

Welcome to our fifth annual. This one is themed ‘wellness’.   

Many folks think that a carefree Ross Phillips just cruises around the world and surfs all day. Well, as much as I’m sure that I put that impression out to the universe, the reality is that I’ve had to work pretty darn hard to get Tropicsurf to where it is today. That journey has been an incredible blessing, but also taxing. An excessive workload, a colossal travel schedule, and frequent stress have taken a toll on my health.  

It’s a familiar story many of you will know. Fortunately, the more I’ve learnt, the more I’ve come to appreciate the healing benefits of the ocean. I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge in my quest to be healthy, fit and full of vitality at 50. So it’s natural for me as a teacher to want to share knowledge and encourage.  

I hope you’ll be inspired by Como Shambhala to eat healthier, by Nam Baldwin to breathe and conquer fears, by Mark ‘Mono’ Stewart to stop making excuses, by Sierra Kerr to push a little harder, by our septuagenarian surfers to keep charging, by Jo St Baker to explore your creative side, by James Mathieu to give, by Adman to get high (naturally), by Ted Grambeau to travel to weird and wonderful places, by Tim Baker to do it with your family, and by those in our friendship feature to invest more in valued relationships.  

You’ll even read about the late and infamous Bunker Spreckels who exemplified how not to do life. This could be my favourite issue so far. Especially when I stop and realize that surfing is the common thread that underpins it all. How cool is that? We surf because it’s fun. But how often do we contemplate what a positive nexus it can be in our lives. 

135 pages. 

PUBLISHER: Ross Phillips

EDITOR: Phil Jaratt


CONTRIBUTORS: Ross Philipps, Phil Jarratt, Josh Kerr, Tim Baker, Adman, Navi, Ted Grambeau, Hannah Prewitt, Sierra Kerr, Andrew McKinnon, Kev Muir,, Sean Scott, Pete Evans, Jo St Baker, James Mathieu, Ryley Haskell, Louise Banning