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2018 Tropicsurf Annual



Intro written by Founder & Director of Tropicsurf, Ross Philipps

Our 2018 issue is themed 'explorers'. At Tropicsurf, we're enthralled by the poetry and magic of travel. Add the quest for perfect surf, then you really get us excited.

Even after all these years (and 53 international flights in 2017), I still have the travel bug. I love new discoveries, experiencing cultures and learning how the world works. My search for waves has always been as enjoyable as the ride itself. Consequently I'm fascinated with other surfer's interpretations of the search. Whether it was Mark Twain scanning line-ups in the 19th century, Peter Troy pioneering South American surf in the early sixties, Timmy Turner feral camping in Javanese jungles or Tim Baker grey nomading his family around our great continent, they've all been inspiring. 

But I'm also interested in how passionate surfers like Nev Hyman, Chris Garrett, Jason Childs, Wolfgang Bloch or our great editor Phil Jarratt explored ways to turn their passions into paid work, art or a hybrid of both.

Of course not everyone has the time or inclination to get feral or even explore. So Tropicsurf makes it all easy and comfortable so that you travel safely and your time and wave count is maximised. We can still take you to new frontiers with unnamed reef passes and adventures galore. Or we can host you at a five-star resort where a 30-second delay on a cold lomi lomi and lemongrass face towel could be as rough as it gets. But whatever your preferred style of surf and travel, we're just happy to know that you're getting out amongst it and living large. 

128 pages. 

ON THE COVER: Paul Smith shot this classy speed blur of Nic Brewer on the tip at late-afternoon Noosa. 

PUBLISHER: Ross Phillips

EDITOR: Phil Jarratt


CONTRIBUTORS: Ross Phillips,  Phil Jarratt, Jamie O'Brien, CJ Hobgood, Ross Williams, Taj Burrow, Jason Childs, Chris Garrett, Nev Hyman, Tim Baker, Navi, Rusty Miller, Margaret Barry, Olivia Siegel, Linnea Stephan, Simon McGrath, Peter Dickson, Steve England, Ryley Haskell, Kuda Issey, Steven Taylor, Brad Beck, Hannah Bing, Hannah Govan, Adi Wilson, Adman, Maya Gabeira, Sean Scott, Paul Smith. Proofed by Anisa Hill.