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FSE trip was a remarkable success!

Wow- we had an amazing time. Kuda Huraa was spectacular, the Explorer was terrific. Staff, accommodations, food, etc- all were outstanding. It would not have gone better. Adman, Dave, and Navi were fantastic company and great coaches. We really enjoyed their company. They went out of their way to not only set us up on great surf breaks but to also make certain that every facet of the trip ran smoothly. Adman was almost like our personal cruise organizer- no detail too small, no request too big. Terrific guy- really appreciated his help.

Tropicsurf did a great job for us and we really appreciate it. Thank you for the great job you did in helping to orchestrate a trip that can only be described as a remarkable success!

Nick, via email
Best surf trip ever

I just wanted to send along a personal note of appreciation for our trip last week on the Explorer. That was unquestionably the best surf trip I've ever had in my life by a very large margin. 

I can appreciate that it's not always easy picking the eyes out of the forecast and getting us on good waves but you did that and then some. You did an unbelievable job with the spot calls. Two days of empty Coffins alone would have made the trip but add in the sessions at Sultans, Honkys, Ninjas, Sharks and, yes, even that bitch Betty. :D Epic. 

Thank you for also keeping me laughing while getting mowed down by 8' sets at Sharks.  

Looking forward to the next time we get to shred together. 

JB, via email
Amazing week

What an amazing week.  Pretty sure we’ll remember that for the rest of our lives.  OMG Coffins. 

Matt, via email
Beyond grateful

Legends, all of you!!!!!  Beyond grateful for the experience and care you guys provided us. Can’t wait to see you guys in the future. 

Greg, via email
Amazing trip

Thank you again and again for such an amazing week. It was such a privilege to get to share the lineup with you and surf under your tutelage. Can't believe on the very last wave of the trip you unlocked backside pumping for me, something I have struggled with for years! So stoked on the trip, it was amazing.

Jonathan, via email
Time of our lives

Time of our lives!! You guys were unquestionably tops in all aspects of surf wisdom, hospitality, and stoke amplification. I'd do it all again in a blink. 

All the very best to you guys, and here's to possible lefts on future outings!

Nick, via email
So appreciative of their hardworking and dedication

Everyone on the Island and on the boat were so professional, attentive, and had the best attitudes and they are all to be congratulated! I could go into each one but hopefully you will spread the word how all the things they do really matter and we are so appreciative of their hard work and dedication to the guest at every phase, they are all pro’s!

Richard, via email
Many described it as a trip of a lifetime.

Everything about the experience was remarkable. A true adventure. The best part tho was having the family together, truly together, for 10 days. So different being on the water and not in a big house. No where to go, everyone breaths each other’s air all day long. We simply don't ever get that, most don't. Maybe a long holiday weekend but even then land based spreads you out. Many described it as a trip of a lifetime, i told them until the next one! Which I want to start planning now!!!

Bill, via email
The three guides on the trip were all quite exceptional.

The three guides on the trip were all quite exceptional. Their competence, patience and nature really made the whole experience for both Paddy and I fantastic.  Not just the surfing but also fishing talking and general vibe on the boat. In terms of helping the group I was with they all had the patience of a monk. Julien at the four seasons was equally great. I was quite nervous about being out of my league and either not being able to surf on the breaks or holding the group back. The opposite was the case given the way the groups were managed - everyone had a great time. Whilst you and the team told (convinced) me of this before the trip the reality is that not everyone delivers on what they say - your team did and I am genuinely grateful and impressed. The boat, crew food and facilities were all 5 star. It was stunningly good. There was a generosity about the way everything was handled which made everyone on board feel great. Nothing was too much trouble. Thankyou - I look forward to doing it again. 

Trevor, via email.
Thank you a thousand times for having created a company building dreams, with employees taking the word service to another level.

We are back home, back from our dream. Waking up, after two weeks of dreaming with our eyes wide open, breathing in the great vibes and the fantastic surf. We have memories for a lifetime made of smiles, laughs, songs, deep sky, crystal clear water, flaming sunrise, purple sunset, beautiful waves, fantastic surf, shallow reefs, dolphins, turtles… I wasn't going to forget about the Food, INCROYABLE (and it means a lot for a French working in the food business)! The friendship created on the boat and on the island will always bring sparkles in our eyes and heart. I have surfed more waves in 15 days than in my last 15 years, over 500 waves, but I will have to ask our favorite accountant for the true number: Hamish. The knowledge given by our guides in surfing, but mostly the reflection on life will guide me for the rest of my life. I already miss the big smile and the camaraderie of Ryley, Jesse, Hamish Naadu, and my daily discussion with my new guru: Pete. “I will always be a good person and be happy!” Jennifer, I am sure you must receive an enormous number of emails like mine, and I am certain that all these emails will never reflect the true bliss of a time spent with one of your colleagues. You can be proud of having won a repeat customer. One week with Tropicsurf every year is my new goal.

Charles, via email.
It was insane. 

Jesse and Gav were flawless. Both should be Knighted for their contribution to Surfing and Peoples Enjoyment. Both first class guides, and even better people. Don’t underestimate how much they make the trip. Everyone loved them. Two words - Bloody. Legends.

Hamish, via email.