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  • Living AreaFour Seasons Kuda Huraa, Maldives Luxury Surfing.
Best surf school

What we loved most about this resort is Tropicsurf - the surfing school. Having had surfing lessons from a few places, this is by far the best surfing school. After three days of lagoon lessons, we were ready for the 5-6 foot waves.

Brandon W - TripAdvisor
Great guides

Our main purpose for the trip was to go surfing. Kerri and Cheyne from Tropicsurf were amazing. They are both so insightful and helpful as guides and instructors out on the water. They were able to ensure that all of the guests had a great time and caught lots of waves. They balanced the various ability levels well and we were able to surf a few different breaks.

jsmmana - TripAdvisor
Incredible surfing experience

Our favourite part, and what will probably bring us back next year, was surfing with Chris from TropicSurf. We are eternal beginners and felt like we made the most progress because of him. Surfing off a boat we caught beautiful, long waves in crystal clear water - was incredible. We thought we were going to spend the week diving, but after one surf outing all we wanted to do was surf.

Jennifer D - TripAdvisor
"World class" experience and service

We used the resorts surfing company TropicSurf and found the experience and service provided by TropicSurf to be what I would consider to be "world class." We were taken each day out by boat to the surf breaks for a 3 hour surf session. At the end the session I also took out the snorkel mask and fin set provided by the resort (for free) and was able to see so many fish. We also got to see dolphins and turtles on these travels.

jsmmana - TripAdvisor
Knowledgeable team at Tropicsurf

For several of my surf sessions, we were able to have the break all to ourselves for an hour or more. Crowds and conditions depend to some extent on luck, but I am sure that the experience and planning of the Tropicsurf team were also major factors in creating the ideal surf experience.

Bobby F - TripAdvisor
World-class waves 10 minutes away

Being a surfer the waves within a 10 minute boat ride from the resort are consistent and world class with both left hand and right hand point breaks and the Tropicsurf guides are absolutely there to maximise your surf and get you in the right spot in the lineup. I can not recommend the entire experience any higher

VOCAustralia - TripAdvisor
Pure luxury

Tropicsurfing on the outside reef and the Diving with Manta Rays will be in my memory forever, these guys give care and attention that I've only ever found at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa! Pure luxury with attention to detail and for the true VIP travel.

Jason K - TripAdvisor
Best guide I've ever had

I just wanted to let you know we had the pleasures of surfing with Archie the past week. I’ve had many guides in the past and he was by far the best. He was always positive and was a great teacher. He didn’t “over teach” but made key pointers that really checked my surfing. He was very professional and along with his great accent, he was just a pleasure to be around. I can’t say enough good things and how well he represented your company and the four seasons in general. 

Robert, via email
Great team at Tropicsurf

I just wanted to write a quick note and say my wife and I had a wonderful time with Archie, Josh and Angela at the Tropicsurf in Kuda Huraa Maldives. It was a perfect surf trip and they were great ambassors for the brand. We definitely will be looking to work with Tropicsurf in the future and appreciate all the great work the team has done. Very cool operation and we definitely will try to book through you in the future to have some of the added perks.

Dom, via email

I’m just checking in to let you know that we are having an amazing time!! It truly is paradise! Navi has been an incredible guide and has really helped our boys. He is so knowledgeable, friendly and bends over backwards to accommodate us and makes sure everything runs smoothly. 

Christine, via email
Absolutely amazing

I just want to pass on my thanks for an amazing time in Kuda Huraa with Hamish and Holly. We had 5 or so surfs with them and they were absolutely amazing, especially with our twin 10 year old girls who came on leaps and bounds during the week thanks to Hamish’s patience and great teaching style. They couldn’t have made the girls feel more comfortable or been more professional, the girls absolutely loved Holly as well. Thanks again and until next time !

Aaron, via email
Everything went perfectly!

First let us thank you and the tropic surf team for a most incredible adventure! Everything went perfectly and we had a great time, especially the surfing.

Richard, via email
Incredible enthusiasm, encouragement and technical coaching

FYI Brodie was amazing with the kids. Just incredible enthusiasm, encouragement and technical coaching. She was by far the best guide we have had over the years with TS. Is it possible to get her to Six Senses for our trip later in the year. Thanks

Angus, via email
Completely fulfilled all of my Tropicsurf expectations and then some.

We had an amazing trip. As you may have already heard from Ryley & Jessie, we got really lucky with the weather - almost no wind and decent swell - so the conditions couldn't have been much better. Completely fulfilled all of my Tropicsurf expectations and then some. Even better - all of our other (non-surfing) guests had the trip of a lifetime as well - with so many opportunities for SUP, snorkelling, beach walking, Scuba, etc. Even me - the jaded adventure traveller - got to have my mind-blown by getting to Scuba with a giant Manta one day and then swim with Whale Sharks that next. Ryley, Jessie, and Navi were exceptional. Fun and helpful, in the water and out. And finally, the FSE experience is pretty amazing as well. Super comfortable, great food, and an absolutely amazing crew.

Marc, via email
I just wanted to write to express how amazing my experience was at Kuda Huraa,.

I just wanted to write to express how amazing my experience was at Kuda Huraa, and specifically praise the exceptional work of Julien and Lisa. As a couple they work perfectly together and go above and beyond consistently to make you feel special and taken care of. Julien is one of the hardest workers that i’ve ever seen, constantly pushing to get all of his clients the attention they deserve and deliver the experience they’re looking for, both on land and in the water. They should be held up as the gold standard for Tropicsurf, and I can only hope that my next experience with Tropicsurf will deliver to their levels.

Ian Via, email.
They simply excelled all my expectations that were already very high given the Tropicsurf standard!  

I thank all the team! The trip was fantastic and everything went very well! Last but not least, I need to make a special compliment to Juilen and Lisa. They simply exceled all my expectations that were already very high given the Tropicsurf standard!   Julien and Lisa always make that extra mile effort to support us in any way they can! Congratulations for Tropicsurf in having them on board! 

Paolo, via email
Thank you so much for providing the dream surf vacation for my family.

Our trip to the Maldives was incredible. It was the perfect surf trip for our family. My son surfed world class waves every day and I found plenty of shoulders. My wife loved just being in the ocean including taking a couple of surf lessons and of course took advantage of all the amenities. You have done an amazing job recruiting a team laser focused on client service and more importantly being a lot of fun to be with. Recruiting leaders along with their partners is a smart move to keep your team stable and that makes it even more special.  We loved surfing and being with Harry, Pete and Travis along with their partners and of course Mark who spent a lot of time with us chasing waves. Great genuine people who represent your company well. We deviated a few times from the plan because of swell direction and Mel had to pick up the pieces and negotiate with the hotels. She did an amazing job. Next year we will do it again in Fiji so get ready Mel.

Greg, via email.
I can't say enough about Sean & Lainey, they really did make it a fully dialled luxury surf trip.

This was our third Tropicsurf trip to Kuda Huraaand I have to say hands down Sean is the most professional and best guide I have ever had. He really went above and beyond to help pick out the best windows of swell / crowd / conditions and we were able to get the line up at sultans to ourselves one day for a few hours which feels like a miracle in itself. Outside of just coordinating everything well and having great communication, he was really great in the line up. He really spent the entire time helping me with positioning and getting me into the best waves and also helping regulate the line up - if there was a set, he was getting me on one, every time. Lainey was also a really great host as well and we enjoyed spending time with her and hanging in the Tropicsurf lounge during the rain storms every afternoon and she was very kind to snap some surf pics for me as well. Hang onto those two! Also I will throw Jennfier Edwards a special shout out too, because it was her idea to have us stay on the Sunrise side of the island and that also saved the trip, as that side was fully protected from the wind. Everyone on their fancy sunset side was trying to move rooms because of the wind! 

Ryan, via email.