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  • Beach and Resort, NIHI Sumba Indonesia
  • Surf Camp, NIHI Sumba Indonesia

Beginners get looked after too!

If you are a beginner, the incredible people at Tropicsurf who manage the wave there can take care of you as well. 

eddieglenn - TripAdvisor
Best vacation ever

I am probably like most people.  I write a review usually if something is extraordinarily good, or horrifically bad.  This is a REALLY good review. The surfing was simply fantastic, perfect or near perfect waves each day, up to 1-1/2 times head high each day.  I’ve described it to friends and family as the best vacation ever, and the best surfing trip ever.  Simply incredible. 

David R, via email
Great staff & world-class surf

The surf staff, Brad and Eugene made me feel like a local, and Occy's Left (private surf break) provided world class waves with an empty lineup.

jeffmazzacano - TripAdvisor
Great Guides

I just returned to my home in Italy after two weeks at Nihi in Indonesia. I was an absolute beginner to surfing but enthusiast about trying. After my two weeks with with Tim and Giulia in the waves around Nihi, I really want to write a personal note of thanks for Tim, and Giulia, for all that he did. What a great person! That's where I want to start. He was a skilled teacher, kind and patient and always incredibly fun and enthusiastic. He went out of his way for me and my two young girls (Ginevra 10 and Liliana 8) and my wife. Whatever they're paid, it's not enough! :-) I have nothing but great things to say about him, and his wife Giulia. My hope is that, when the time is right, you will let him know that some strange, happy newbie from Italy wrote the Tropic Surf office to ramble on --- without end --- about what a great instructor he is and, more importantly, what a great person. I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to learn with both of them. (And parenthetically, I went from a day-1 beginner at level 1 to... well, you should ask Tim, he'll have a clearer view of that. But whatever level it is, I had a great time and can't WAIT to surf again. That's the whole point, right? I lived a dream!)

Robert, via email
Amazing Tropicsurf Guides

By the way, have we ever told you guys how amazing Tim and Guila are? They are first class when it comes to customer service. They go out of the way to accomodate me and I am not even surfing. They go tell the chef to serve us more veggies because they know we love veggies, they book excursion for us, they make sure to introduce us to people they think we will like (like special guest chefs) and they are so attentive. That is why we followed them to Nihi and why we are going back to Nihi.

Carolyn, via email
Excellent Guides

I just spent a week surfing at Nihiwatu and wanted to get in touch to give a glowing review to the two surf guides there in both Tim and Giulia. As someone who has been surfing since I was young, I have been on many trips to places around the world with many different guides who have been excellent, but these 2 were without a doubt the best I have ever had the pleasure of being in or out of the water with.

Tim, via email
I cannot stress enough how great Giulia and Tim were

It was awesome and we’re already thinking about booking for next year. I cannot stress enough how great Giulia and Tim were, they gave us the best Tropicsurf experience we’ve had so far!

Fred, via email
Unforgettable experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to CJ for his fun and relaxed style during our stay at Nihi.  He was fantastic with both my boys and made the experience unforgettable.

Andrew, via email
Thank you again for your help with our trip to Nihi!

Thank you so much for setting me up with Tropicsurf. Everything was absolutely perfect. I also wanted to let you know that Robyn and Joe were the best surf instructors I have ever had, and I’ve had a lot!  I learned more from the both of them than I’ve learned from anyone. My surfing ability and confidence jumped at least a level, maybe two. Not only were they amazing teachers, both were also so encouraging, positive and fun to be with. They seem to make the perfect team.

Laura, via email
He is by far the best surfing instructor I have ever been with.

The experience at Nihi was absolutely incredible. Myself and my partner had a few private lessons with Robin and Joe. They were both absolutely incredible. I spent a lot of time with Joe and wanted to give the feedback because he made the experience one that we will remember forever! We spent a lot of time at the boat house and his energy there is what made it feel like home - we knew we could just go and spend time there whenever we felt like it. Over the 12 days the progression was incredible. His attention to detail, positioning you on the wave each time and angling you exactly where you need to be is out of this world. His approach and style went along way in building up confidence. When I thought the waves were too big for me he had the right words to make you believe you could do! My girlfriend who is terrified of waves ending up getting out into waves I never thought she would of and this is due to both Robin and Joe’s style and approach. They know how to build confidence and she always knew they were there for her! 

Byron, via email.
Nihi was beyond our expectations.

Everyone was so lovely, the food was amazing and the pure beauty of the island was truly hard to take it. The spa safari property was unreal, what an amazing place. Thanks again for all your assistance from beginning to end. You made everything so seamless and we really did enjoy the family holiday with the added luxury of the hotels and transfers from start to finish.

Adam and Kylie, via email.