If you value surfing safely, having your time maximized and improving your surfing rapidly, then you’ ll love surfing with your Tropicsurf guides. Over the last twenty years, we’ve curated a global team of over forty pros.

We believe this is a testament to our company’s success with five-star resorts and discerning private clients. More than just delivering you to surf breaks, you’ ll be offered personal instruction or coaching in case you’d like to learn secrets that will lead you to rapid progression.

Tropicsurf guides also function as the nexus between you and the resort (or liveaboard) so that your vacation experience is truly care-free.

Adi Wilson

Adi Wilson is one of our most senior coaches. Our ‘veteran' of countless live-aboard tours, Adi's dry sense of humour, friendly and patient nature, and expertise in coaching make him a favourite. Consequently the Kiwi from Down Under is high on our repeat request list. In fact many customers refuse to book a trip unless 'Uncle Adi' will be onboard with them. Adi resides in Palmilla, Mexico with his wife and three daughters. You will make a great friend and improve your surfing if you are fortunate enough to have Adi as your coach.

One&Only Palmilla, Mexico

Chris Prewitt

With nearly twenty years coaching with Tropicsurf, Chris Prewitt is a champion surfer, globally experienced guide and senior instructor in any kind of surf conditions - big or small. Guest feedback is always second to none for the Floridian frother. Always. If you are lucky enough to learn how to improve your surfing with this man, you will surely be stoked at the improvement you'll make. Chris heads up the guiding team as Tropicsurf’s Senior Guide and is regularly jetted across the world as our private coach to the stars.

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Ross Phillips

Tropicsurf's Founder. Ross has an extensive background in surf coaching and has dedicated the better part of his 25+ year career to systematizing his industry-leading coaching techniques for the benefit of guests. He is passionate about surfing and helping others maximize enjoyment through technique, confidence and education. Ross has pioneered the 'art of luxury surfing' and is passionate about making a meaningful difference through philanthropy. These days Ross works with a handful of clients between secret reconnaissance trips to far flung corners of the world.

Four Seasons Voavah, Maldives

Gavin Potter

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast of Australia Gavin Potter aspired to be the next Occy. Unfortunately for him, a young Julian Wilson had different ideas and kept Gav relegated to second place in boardrider club rounds. Nonetheless Gav developed to be a great surfer and an even better coach. His gentle, humble demeanour makes him a favourite with Tropicsurfers around the world. Comfortable charging double-overhead outside reefs, or cruising on a longboard, Gavin has managed Tropicsurf programs in the Maldives, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

Nihiwatu Sumba, Indonesia

Rachel McKendrick

Competitive. Combative. Hungry. When you meet Rachel McKendrick you’ll find it hard to believe that this gently spoken Australian sweetheart once successfully duked it out on the qualifying series against the world’s best. Learning to surf at the age of three Rachel’s talent is undeniable, however her passion for sharing waves clearly outweighs a desire to compete for them. Her coaching background is founded on a lifetime of high performance focus, yet it’s her affection for the simple things which makes her such an empathetic and thoughtful member of Tropicsurf’s team.

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Ryley Haskell

Originally from California, but growing up in Central America, Ryley Haskell is an NSSA competitor, big wave charger and multilingual supercoach. Whether he’s surfing 2ft sliders or 20ft+ Mexican slabs, Ryley has a smile from ear to ear with a contagious energy that’s one of a kind. Specifically driven by coaching kids, Ryley’s appreciation for guests catching their first ever wave is unsurpassed. Mature beyond his years Ryley has worked at Tropicsurf’s Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Fiji and Maldives properties.

Mukul, Nicaragua

Mike Pinneo

Mike Pinneo somehow caught the surfing bug in Tofino Canada, wearing a 5mm hooded wetsuit. As luck would have it though, Mike was born with dual Canadian / Australian citizenship and capitalised on the opportunity to move to the warmer waters of the Gold Coast. It’s here that he completed a Sport Management degree before transitioning to Firewire surfboards where be co-designed one of the brand’s most popular models; the Greedy Beaver. The Beaver referencing his Canadian heritage. Fast forward to today and Mike takes great pleasure in pushing people into perfect waves on a softy, longboard or indeed a Greedy Beaver.

Como Maalifushi, Maldives

Mohamed 'Navi' Naveez

Naveez (or 'Navi' as most guests refer to him using his Maldivian nick-name) started as an apprentice surfing guide at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa. After two years there, and multiple boat seasons under his belt Navi progressed through the TS ranks to become a qualified guide. Fast forward fifteen years and nowadays Navi’s a proud father, an esteemed photographer, a stalwart of the Maldives surfing scene, and a for sure the most experienced Maldivian surf coach on the planet after instructing at Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Seychelles.

Four Seasons Explorer, Maldives

Malcolm Hill

Malcolm Hill brings an unquantifiable energy to any lineup. He is perennially stoked. In all waves, big or small, Malcolm is the first to identify the fun-factor for guests. A New Zealander who grew up in Australia Malcolm has been surfing for most of his life always living just a stone’s throw from the beach. He loves the ocean and takes real pride in sharing his stoke and coaching expertise with Tropicsurfers. Married to a primary-school teacher Malcolm is particularly savvy when it comes to coaching kids and first-timers. It’s all about the fun.

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Adam Webster

Eighteen years of permanent dedication to surfing and snowboarding the globe is what Adman represents. Clocking up 17 full snow seasons as a highly-ranked, international snowboard instructor and over 120 Maldives boat trips as a Tropicsurf Guide, he has honed an insight into rider improvement that is second to none. Adam's eye for biomechanical analysis of a surfer's movement patterns is outstanding. Hundreds of TS guests now credit their rapid improvement thanks to Adman. This is a guy with a witty sense of humour who coined our service motto "it's all about you”.

Four Seasons Explorer, Maldives

Lenin Guido

Born to a Nicaraguan coastline littered with perfect waves, Lenin Guido Martinez grew up dreaming of surfing. At the age of 12 he scored a board from a friend on the proviso that he would be his full-time surf buddy. Together they taught themselves to ride the waves and experience the ocean lifestyle. Lenin says it’s like being transported to a whole new world. These days Lenin is a respected elder in the lineup and a master coach to local groms and Mukul guests alike. Look out for his trademark Lenin Layback in the water and trademark smile on land.

Mukul, Nicaragua

Jesse Halkett

Jesse Halkett is a drifter. Literally. If it doesn’t float it doesn’t interest him. Surfing since he could walk Jesse has an affinity for all surf crafts. He’s a pro on a longboard, super stylish on a SUP and absolutely rips on a shortboard. His love for the ocean led him to a career working aboard super yachts before becoming a Tropicsurf coach in 2011. Since then he has had the pleasure of helping guests discover their surfing potential in the Maldives, Fji, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Jesse’s philosophy is that anyone can get totally stoked no-matter how big the waves are if they choose the right board.

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Hannah Bing

A former world longboard title competitor representing her home country of South Africa, Hannah is Tropicsurf’s diva of style. Her progression into a coaching career with Tropicsurf has taken her from the Maldives to Mexico where she’s been a favoured guide for aspiring comp surfers, intermediates and first-timers alike. Particularly popular amongst the kids, Hannah’s fun sense of humour keeps her busy with the groms. Out of the water Hannah’s a qualified helicopter pilot and famous for her Mexican philosophy of “a surf a day keeps the taco belly away"

Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico

Blake McKinnon

His surname is synonymous with the Australian surfing scene; the son of World Longboard Champion in Andrew, and WSL media evergreen Mandy, Blake McKinnon has surfing running through his veins. A product of the Gold Coast’s competitive surfing scene Blake’s appreciation of surfing style and function channelled him towards a successful career in surf coaching. These days the fun-loving father of one is lucky enough to travel the world with his family and extend his reputation for putting guests onto empty waves and secluded breaks no-matter where he is based.

Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Brad Beck

Bradley Beck is an unfortunate Goofy Footer, a proud South African, Brad was raised on the epic right hand point of Cape St Francis. It’s here that he was nicknamed 'Beck-hand' for his tight 12 o'clock turns and radical fin drifts. As a sports psychology graduate, Brad’s passion has always been for surf coaching; from first-timers to pros Brad has a keen eye for in depth technical analysis and has become a scholar of the Tropicsurf coaching system. A seasoned and well traveled Tropicsurf veteran, Brad is a pro at making progressing fun, never too series and full of stoke.

Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico

Kym Everett

A Maldives veteren of eight seasons straight, Kym Everett now manages Tropicsurf’s Noosa operation alongside Jed Avery. Together they welcome Tropicsurfers to their home-town and are happy to share its local secrets, off the grid waves, and of course the trendiest cafes in town. Kymbo loves a good coffee, and a yarn. Another of Tropicsurf’s left foot forward brigade, Kym’s trademark backhand snaps are easily recognised whacking their way down Noosa’s sand bottom right-hand points. A surf with Kym is a surf with a friend, especially in Noosa.

Noosa, Australia

Aldenar Diaz Paredes

Aldenar Diaz Paredez is somewhat of a cult hero around Punta Mita. Such a nice guy, and Mr Personality. A proud Mexican who is happy to showcase his back yard, Four Seasons guests return year after year to share a laugh or two in the water. A dedicated family man Aldenar takes tremendous pride in coaching kids to surf in the comfort and safety of local beginner waves that his own kids adore. When the swell’s up it’s his time to shine. Surfers relish his local knowledge and secret tips along a road trip or panga safari.

Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico

Donna Scherer

How many Zimbabwean surf guides have you met? Donna Scherer is a rare gem. Her first passion was for scuba and after becoming a qualified Dive Instructor Donna quickly turned her attention to the action above the water. Rapidly becoming an impressive stand up paddle surfer Donna turned her coaching focus to helping others discover the art of luxury surfing. From Costa Rica, to Indonesia, to the Maldives, Donna is always aiming for uncrowded lineups for our guests, just like the Mozambique border where she learnt to surf on an empty pumping point break.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Maldives

Stephen Taylor

The son of a professor in plastic and micro surgery, Steve’s upbringing was clear. “Follow your passions, live life to the fullest, and be the best at what you do”. Fast-forward to today and Steve has clearly applied these principles to his life as a Tropicsurf guide. Guests adore Steve’s larger than life affection for fun, intuitive care, insightful coaching tips and ability to relate with all walks of life. Steve has worked at over eight different Tropicsurf properties and is a great source for surf intel and vacation inspiration.

Anantara Peace Haven, Sri Lanka

Beau Nixon

Beau Nixon truly is a master of all trades. A former World Tour SUP competitor, Australian SUP champion, Australian Junior Longboard champion and absolute shredder on a shortboard, Beau has an eye for surfing progression throughout all ability levels. His competitive background, intertwined with seven years coaching with Tropicsurf has positioned him as one of the most all-rounded guides on the team. Forever focused on fun underpinning surfing performance Beau brings a spark to any lineup.

Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives

Chucho Baeza

Chucho Baeza epitomises a warm local welcome. Mexican style. A long-time surf coach Chucho has been guiding guests in and around Palmilla or further afield throughout Mexico’s famous desert waves for years. He loves to share his knowledge and make others happy. It’s in his DNA. A stylish goofy-footer, Chucho is happy to carve it up on a shortboard or cruise on a longboard, whichever gives him the best chance to hang out with guests and hoot others into the sets.

One&Only Palmilla

Alex McKendrick

Hailing from a small surfing town on the east coast of Australia, surfing was not an option growing up for Alex, it was a must. Everyday as a Tropicsurf guide has him searching for more. Be it another secret location to share with guests, another wave to ride, a new manoeuvre to try. Above all, what makes surfing so special to Alex is the chance to measure it. Coaching to an outcome. Sharing the stoke. His passion is for people. Alex loves to finish off a surf with a cold drink and laugh, and maybe an embellished story or two about his tube that no-one saw. His energy is infectious.

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes has an undeniable passion for surf coaching. Since graduating from his Outdoor Recreation studies Ben’s sole focus has been to apply his technical knowledge to helping people understand how to get the most out of surfing. Whether it be an improved high performance turn, or a better beginner pop-up, Ben is prodigious in articulating and demonstrating pathways to improvement. An asset to any resort program, Ben has managed a number of Tropicsurf locations including his treasured Maldives and Seychelles retreats.

Four Seasons Seychelles

Martin Reynolds

According to Martin the English surf teaches the virtues of patience, determination and the willingness to travel. It’s this background and a subsequent life-long dedication to surf coaching, that has earned Martin a reputation as one of best technical surf coaches in the world. Actually, Martin heads up Tropicsurf’s guide training and mentoring programs. Forever bouncing between Tropicsurf resorts as our 'guru to the guides' Martin keeps himself connected to his true love of personalised coaching with regular VIP guiding trips and liveaboard expeditions.

Secret Papua

Josh Button

Growing up in the UK, surfing isn’t just about riding waves. It’s the anticipation of the forecast, the journey to the spot, the camaraderie with friends and the unique enjoyment of the whole experience. This background is what makes Josh Button a tremendous guide with a laser sharp focus on a wholistic guest experience. A Bachelor of Science graduate, Josh majored in Surf Science and Technology (who knew such a thing existed?) and immediately got to work sharing his knowledge in the lineup, paving his way to be a Tropicsurf coach. Yep, our very own Surfing Scientist.

Anantara Dhigu, Maldives

Clive Scherer

Surfing. Rugby. Cricket. In true South African form Clive Scherer is fanatical about all three. Surfing takes the cake though, to the point that Clive turned his back on a commerce career to live the dream as a globe-trotting surf coach. Fifteen years later and Clive still rates beginners as the most rewarding people to teach. Forever hooting like a grom it’s hard to tell who is more stoked when a guest catches their first ever green wave. Having guided in Costa Rica, Indonesia and the Maldives, Clive is still as stoked as his very first day on the job. It sure beats commerce.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Maldives

Jed Avery

Jed Avery has spent twenty-five years travelling and surfing in the tropics. His passion for surfing rivals anyone on the planet. A top level coach, Jed is a prized addition to any surfing excursion. Known for his warm approach and humble coaching analysis Jed has guests improving their surfing without them even realising it. Nowadays Jed has cooled his heels and settled in Noosa Australia where he manages the Tropicsurf operation with Kym Everett. Together they showcase the region’s perfect sand bottom points and hidden corners.

Noosa, Australia

Grant Beck

Grant Beck is a South African surfing champion and two-time WSL World Longboard title competitor. The experienced judge and long-time surf coach, Grant was responsible for managing Billabong’s African surf team before progressing to an international coaching career with Tropicsurf. An acclaimed short boarder Grant has also featured in numerous big-wave media stories and earned a reputation as an underground charger. Jovial by nature Grant brings a tremendous energy to any lineup. He can walk the walk on all surf craft and is an excellent technical coach.

Nihiwatu, Sumba, Indonesia

Julian Escott

Julian Escott was born in Sydney Australia however has spent most of his life travelling the globe to seek out secret empty waves. Boasting an inspiring vivacious lifestyle funded by a successful modelling career, Julian’s pursuit of travel eventually landed him in Costa Rica where he fell in love with the local culture and uncrowded high quality waves. It’s here that most Tropicsurfers find him, however Julian’s transient habits often find him boarding a plane to the Maldives, Australia or Mexico.

Four Seasons Costa Rica

David Lammin

David Lammin is one of Tropicsurf’s chief coaches. A consummate professional in every respect. David’s teaching background attracted him to the professional coaching scene on the Gold Coast of Australia before he progressed to a career with Tropicsurf in the early 2000’s. With countless Maldives boat trips up his sleeve and the experience of coaching literally thousands of Tropicsurf guests David is a common request on VIP trips, especially throughout his favourite region of Secret Papua.

Secret Papua

Kasey Cather

Growing up beneath the tallest redwood trees in the world, Kasey took to surfing at a young age in the frigid waters of Northern California, amongst conditions not for the faint of heart. With years of experience running the only surf camp in town, Kasey is passionate about sharing his love and stoke for the ocean. Even when wetsuit hood and booties are required! Loved by the groms for his fun loving and ever-positive demeanor, he’s an individual with an unshakable and infectiously positive attitude both in and out of the water.

Asia Carpenter

Growing up around the corner of the world-renowned wave Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz California, Asia was a water baby from day one. She competed professionally in tandem surfing at a young age, NSSA shortboard divisions and for the Santa Cruz Longboard Union. Her passion however is manifested through her years working for the Ride a Wave Foundation, helping physically and mentally disabled children experience the same stoke of riding their first ever wave. Asia's love for the ocean is one she wishes to share and spread to all those around her. She just never stops smiling. Ever.

James Taylor

James grew up on the South Coast of the UK where weak, wind driven waves are the predominant recipe. His love for surfing developed here however quickly James became possessed to travel and seek out perfect waves. Coinciding with his passion for teaching, globe-trotting enabled James the opportunity to work all over the world coaching surfers in different conditions. Known for his ability to thread just about any tube, James gets just as much stoke from watching somebody catch their first wave and being part of their journey.

Liveaboards means empty waves

Liveaboards means empty waves

The best way to get quality surf is by boat - true luxury for comfort and safety. Hitting the waves by boat lets the whole family enjoy an action packed itinerary whether you’re looking for fun on the breaks of in the flat water. We can set you up with private or set departures to offer you a truly customized experience.