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  • Chestnut - Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

  • Attalea Speciosa - Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Awesome hotel with a great surf coach

Our kids had surf lessons with Ben, the coach from Tropicsurf. They loved it and made great steps. The coach is really excellent!

BHLJ - TripAdvisor
Family holiday in paradise

All four of us surfed with Ben at Tropicsurf on waves ranging from intermediate (Dad's an avid surfer) to perfect beginner waves (Mum and Daughter are now hooked too).

Andy S - TripAdvisor
Amazing Resort and Staff - A 5 star plus experience!

We also spent three days surfing with Steve from Tropicsurf. He was an excellent coach for our kids and made the experience of Seychelles truly memorable.

G2POW - TripAdvisor
10/10 Experience

Just wanted to share some feedback re Jacob Stuth from our recent stay in the Seychelles. 

- Jacob was really fantastic from the get go. Jacob made it very easy to plan the first and subsequent sessions (using WhatsApp and being available around the resort)

- Sessions were a joy from beginning to end. Jacob helped pick the perfect board for the waves and the pre session drive was great to get into the surf spirit (he has a great all round approach to surfing).

- For the actual sessions, Jacob had great knowledge of 1) which waves to go to, 2) where to be positioned to catch the most waves, and 3) what to do on each wave to maximise/improve. 

- Jacob also helped push me into numerous waves (which my 40+ year old shoulders were very grateful for) and as result I got more waves with Jacob last week than I did in the past 10 years all put together. 

- Jacob was also superb with the kids, making their first surfing experience truly fantastic. He picked the right spot, the right boards, and rode with them into the whitewash initially, and as a result both were able to stand alone and ride super quickly. 

A ten out of ten experience with Jacob last week. 

Stan, via email
Archie is the best!

Just spent five days surfing with Archie at Four Seasons in Seychelles. Archie did an excellent job with the instruction and was a credit to TropicSurf. I have had several instructors at different surf spots around the globe, and Archie is the best!

Steve, via email
He is one of the best coaches we've had, very much involved.

We had a great time surfing with Steve. Waves were fantastic, few people on the spots. He is one of the best coaches we've had, very much involved and making his best to make us enjoy our time.Thumbs up! 👍

Pascale, via email