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Pangea 3D Maps

Celebrate your surfing adventures with Pangea's X Tropicsurf Special Edition 3D Waterscape Maps

Pangea's collaboration with Tropicsurf is about celebrating surfing adventures with visually captivating maps – transforming special memories into timeless keepsakes in professionally crafted, ready to hang, works of art.

Pangea, the global leaders in modern cartography, have partnered with Tropicsurf to unveil an exclusive series of surf adventure locations through their unique 3D waterscape maps. These custom maps are more than just visuals; they encapsulate the very essence of renowned surf destinations, revealing the secrets of the seafloor beneath the waves, islands, beaches, and reefs that define these aquatic paradises.

3D water map showing the depth contours.

9 layers of detail.

Environmentally sourced materials.

The highest grade 1.5mm birch ply.

Topped with white acrylic and a white hardwood frame.
Available in 3 sizes:

430mm X 430mm

600mm X 600mm

830mm X 830mm

Available in two colours - Wood and Blue