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2017 Tropicsurf Annual



Intro written by Founder & Director of Tropicsurf, Ross Phillips

Do you cherish memories? I surfed all my life looking for one special ride. I finally caught it in remote Indonesia - a big, growling tube that threatened to pulverize me into shallow coral heads.

It's amazing how much pleasure a single memory can occupy in one's mind. Today, that short, ten-second rush inhabits an overwhelming portion of my memory. Strange yet pleasant, peak experiences incongruently do that. So what's your mind full of? If you see value in owning more powerful memories, my company's mission is to help them materialize for you through unique travel experiences in exotic destinations and through expert, technical surf coaching. 

This issue has been themed 'comfort zones'. I'd like to think that at Tropicsurf, we're pretty good at both getting you into them (read our pieces on 10 best beaches, mindfulness and insider tips from luxury resort partners) or out of them (read our features on big waves, sharks, rescuing sex slaves in Cambodia, swimming to the North Pole or the life of Patrick Burgess.)

Wherever you may be reading this right now, I hope you're comfortable. But not for too long. 

140 pages. 

ON THE COVER: Mike Coots shot this amazing helicopter image of the 2016 Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau. Mahalo Mike for the use of this shot. 

PUBLISHER: Ross Phillips

EDITOR: Phil Jarratt


CONTRIBUTORS: Ross Phillips, Phil Jarratt, Mike Coots, Jamie Brisick, Sean Doherty, Alison Smith, Navi, Lauren Hill, Sam Bleakley, Lewis Pugh, Bob Weeks, Ian Borland, Ron Perrott, Dave Rastovich, Gavin Potter, Clare Baranowski, Jenni Edwards.