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2023 Tropicsurf Annual



Intro written by Founder & Director of Tropicsurf, Ross Phillips

Welcome Back.

COVID was a grueling time for everyone—travel businesses included. But we’re thrilled to finally put the worst behind us and return to our foremost love: exploring the globe and helping you ride the best waves of your life. FREEDOM is the reflective theme for this issue. While some are privileged to enjoy more freedoms than others, and many lost it through the pandemic, the ocean has been and always will be a fountain of wellness in the lives of all who surf. 

In this issue, we’ll contemplate this premise through varied lenses: the ocean as a constant lifeforce for Jamie Brisick, why Kelly Slater surfs, Matt George and others you might know setting sail, Dean Saffron’s freedom-fighting photography, a frontier exploration aboard Kudanil Explorer, why a handful of Tropicsurf guides stayed put during COVID, surfing therapy helping to improve mental health, where Mick Fanning took his family once borders re-opened, the nourishment Belinda Baggs derives from the ocean, and why Ted Grambeau is addicted to surf travel—plus many more.

This is our acknowledgment to the sea. A gratitude offering for a supernatural force that brings happiness to so many people. It’s true that, as surfers, we’ve won the virtual lottery in life. Let us always appreciate how fortunate we are.

135 pages.

EDITOR: Ross Phillips 


CONTRIBUTIONS: Jamie Brisick, Ted Grambeau, Tim McKenna, Kelly Slater, , Dean Safron, Hannah Prewitt, Belinda Baggs, Dawn Michel, Waves of Wellness, Matt George WSL, Stabmag, Kudani Explorer, Ethan Davis, Jon Frank, Keola Banning, Trevor Moran, John John Florence, Lisa Mitchell Chris Grace, Navi, Rambo Estrada & Ross Phillips.