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w204cm x 38cm x 4cm-  Fine-Etched, Hand-Crafted Traditional Surfboard Alaia
Original - One of One

Created especially for Tropicsurf's Gallery, Jo St Baker offers original and bespoke fine etched traditional surfboard Alaia. Each work of art is unique in its story and making.

Hand-selected beautifully finished blanks are transformed to fine art after hours of surface preparation and design planning. Woodblock printmaking led to Jo St Baker's deep emergence in carving and fine line and dot drawing, a technique she has developed throughout her fine art career.

Each piece is a labour of love and skill. Each dot, the size of a grain of sand, is withdrawn from the timber surface to let in light. Akin to an ultrasound, mark by mark she reveals a subsurface. A world she calls wood + water + skin. 

Wood + Water + Skin:
'When my eyes are out of focus and sting like hell
That's when I see the image from beneath the timber grain
That's when I start to really begin to carve.' 


Each board takes months to create. Each dot in relation to the next being vitally important.  

*Click the image for a portrait view of the one-off Traditional Surfboard Alaia

*Includes Certificate of Authenticity and custom packaging, door to door delivery and insurance for loss or damage. 

Philosophy of the Alaia:
'Step light but stand tall'
From darkness comes the way
let your light shine.



Jo St Baker