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North Malé Surf Area, Maldives


The North Malé 3D Pangea Map shows the depth contours directly within a range of the North Malé area in the Maldives, where the most popular surf spots of the region are. The surf breaks in this region are Tombstones, Jails, Honkies, Sultans, Pasta Point, Ninjas, Cokes and Chickens. The map is also available in Blue or Natural wood. 

9 layers of detail.
Environmentally sourced materials.
The highest grade 1.5mm birch ply.
Topped with white acrylic and a white hardwood frame.

3 sizes available:

430mm x 430mm (17.5" x 17.5")

600mm x 600mm (25" x 25")

830mm x 830mm (32" x 32")

Shipping extra