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Jo St Baker

Visual Artist, Curator & Designer

Australia / New Zealand based

“I pull inspiration from nature and the energising lives of those around me”

Jo was the director of st + baker + studio and gallery in South East Queensland before setting up studio again in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. She has been working, curating, and mentoring between Australia and New Zealand for many years and draws on the stories of crossing oceans into a lot of her work.

Discovered by Tropicsurf in 2010, St Baker’s unique self-created technique of fine etched carvings in timber and surfboard Alaia grew from her career as a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. It is this unique form of art and passion for all things ocean that drew Tropicsurf and Jo to work together.

Jo’s water themes integrated into her fine art are awash with elegance, energy, spirit, and stories. Paintings, Alaia, and sculptures all evoke an innate sense of movement, place, and time. She shares the universal language of coastal culture in a way that is like no other.


85cm x 115cm x 5cm - Limited Edition Print. 
Framed numbers 1-25.
Personally Signed and Numbered. 
Created: Casuarina Beach, New South Wales Australia

‘Above’ is a beautifully framed, artist signed and numbered, limited edition print created especially for you and Tropicsurf by Australian New Zealand based artist, Jo St Baker.

Printed on acid free heavy weight cotton rag fine art paper using archival pigment based inks. Each print is mounted on conservation matting under glass and framed in chic imported white and light timber Oslo box moulding.

In her work St Baker celebrates the spiritual aspects of moments shared by lovers of the ocean. ‘Above’ embraces light, movement and the pure joy of being under water. She encapsulates elements of coastal culture, camaraderie, respect, loyalty and dignity in each of her varied mediums.

*Includes custom packaging, door to door delivery, and insurance for loss or damage. 

*Click the image for a portrait view of the Limited Edition Print.

Paddle, paddle my brother to another place
Cool and green, free of body, light as air to new dimensions
We wish you well
Splash, splash my brother, we shout your name
Joy and sadness intertwined
Fly, fly my brother, as your light fills the sky
Our hearts lift you beyond this place
Our spirits with you, higher and higher
Swim, swim my brother for you, water and sky are one
Love, love my brother. 
Tears fill an ocean where we ride the waves, a sacred place
One, one my brother, one with God and earth. You play joyfully. 


The Sandman

42cm x 17cm x 17cm - Origina Bronze Figure and Hebel Base by Jo St Baker
Only 1 ever created

2017 winner of The Queensland Regional Art Awards - TheSandmen, a 7 piece sculpture of bamboo, resin and sand was the origin of this series.

2020 always inspired by the anthropomorphic qualities of shapes and form in Nature, this piece is a playful figurative adaptation of a dribble sand sculpture like the ones that kids make. Hand carved in wax and solidified in bronze.

Translating the Sandman from organic materials to bronze challenged my skill to retain the natural aspects and sentiment.

Very relaxed he stands on a ball of small lapping waves captured in gentle motion. I use sand a lot in my sculptures. The beach, or sand, to me is a universal, nongender, non race, non religious but purely spiritual natural platform and example of how the world could exist and be. No myths only truth.

*Click the image for a portrait view of the one-off 'Sandman'

Tiny Phantom (Sand)
Open hands lift and you fall through my fingers
I hold your history, a lifetime, a land, a world
Rocks and glaciers, oceans and streams
Life from the sea, life from the landI hold in my hand
You are the bridge to
Ancestors singing with tiny voices
Ages past and present together
No borders, no prejudice, no names
Just one
Grain of sand

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