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The Inside Mail on Anantara Dhigu & Veli Resort & Spa, Maldives

by Tropicsurf Blog November 22, 2018


If you like fast barrels, surf Boatyards Left. It’s a bit fickle, but when it’s on we think it’s the best wave in the world.

The Surfer’s Massage at the spa at Anantara Dhigu is exclusive to Tropic-surfers. Book the one-hour treatment and receive 30 minutes complimentary. If you like a good strong, deep tissue treatment, ask for Dome or Kadek Kwali.

At the Japanese restaurant, Origami, ask chef Daniel to specially prepare a sushi ‘boat’ platter for you – served on a delicate wooden boat.

Our favourite drink is the Paradise Mojito, made with passionfruit and coconut churned with fresh mint, pressed tropical limes and Jamaican rum. Available from any of the three bars.

If you like sunset and surf views, go to Dhoni Bar around 5pm. Ask bartender Dilan to help you with a Paradise Mojito.


Take the pontoon to Gulhifushi, the snorkeling island. Complete with a bar, food menu, beach umbrellas, swings in the water, hammock and ‘ocean pool’, it’s a great family unwind when not surfing.

You can SUP from one resort island to the next for a meal and swim then paddle back. It’s not far and a really fun way to do lunch.


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