Sammy Crooke's Take on Qamea, Fiji

by Tropicsurf Blog November 29, 2018


If mellow longboard waves are your style, a trip across to Tramontos on Taveuni works well on a high tide when the Easterly trades are blowing out Maqai Right. Adding icing to the cake, in front are the best pizzas and coldest beer on Taveuni.

Definitely do the village trip, where the locals will welcome you into their village like family. The villages of Waibulu, Vitu Sogo Sogo and Naivivi are real, traditional and unspoiled.

I like all the meals at Qamea, from fresh, locally-caught seafood, to traditional Fijian curry, but my favourite is the steak prepared in a sous-vide. If you’re a seafood fan, see Eric to take a fishing expedition, and the kitchen staff will prepare your catch any way you like.

Bubba is the resident mixologist, and his margaritas are mouth-watering. Also drink a kava with the band boys to make a great nightcap or party starter.

Kids love searching for white-tip reef sharks on a guided snorkel trip to the local reefs. Making new friends with the local village kids is also cool.

Bring crayons, coloured pencils, anything the local village kids would enjoy. Or bring some rugby gear... deflated balls and a pump, anything rugby related. The Fijian 7s lead the world and they’re very proud. This may even earn you an audience with Chief Dan Lulu (he’s a huge rugby fan!).

Visit the waterfalls at Bouma. The hike up to the second fall gets the blood pumping, but the view from the top is worth the effort! Take a dip in the cool waters.