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Progression Vacation Maldives September 2024

by Guide Login February 21, 2024

Words by Alison Smith

There are days I’ve felt like giving up on surfing. Those are the days when it seems like the ocean is holding me at the same level I reached 10 years ago, sending me back to shore with humility and unease at the hours I’ve dedicated already.

If this is a familiar experience, the Tropicsurf Progression Vacations might interest you.

Tropicsurf progression vacation coaches know the nuances of every surfer’s pathway to progress, and how to get them there quicker. 

They bring a lifetime of knowledge across not only surfing progression at every level, but board design, optimum surf breaks for your goals, forecasting, health, wellbeing and athletic mind-set, etiquette, style, equipment and travel. 


If you think about other sports, it’s pretty common to get coaching or lessons. Why aren’t more of us surfers being coached to help us through what’s surely the most challenging sport there is?

Tropicsurf founder Ross Phillips has thought about this a lot. 

“I think it’s because for a lot of people, surfing feels better than it looks. It just feels amazing when you get a ride!”

No-one can take away your sense of enjoyment when you’re surfing a wave. But Tropicsurf Progression Vacations can help you get more of that. 

It’s that glimmer of something amazing being revealed – a tantalising weightlessness in state of flow – when you progress. It just feels better.

We know what this means – it’s the bumper sticker that adorned cars back in my early learner days and announced us as part of a tribe: Only a surfer knows the feeling.

I never imagined that at the age of 50, I’d still be striving to surf better.

But there’s another surfer in the world who has reached 50 and keeps working on it.
As Kelly Slater says: “The better you get, the more fun it is.

If the GOAT can keep improving, I know I can.


So, what does progression look like for you?

Take a moment to think about that. It’s very personal.

For me it includes confidence in bigger waves.

This not only equals more radical manoeuvres and a greater comfort level in what I would once have considered out of my league, but quality wave options throughout the life cycle of a visiting swell on the stretch of coast that I call home.

Progression is expanding my list of surfing buddies on speed dial. It means I get asked on road trips more often, and texted more surf reports because they know I’ll say yes.

Progression feels like speed, and it feels like control in a dynamic, powerful and wild environment. That’s good for my mindset. It makes me a better person on land. 

To quote Tropicsurf founder Ross Philips (in his earlier blog Greatness about Kelly Slater), ‘What will your tribute be to yourself? You only get one shot at life and it’s never too late to progress.’  

At Tropicsurf, the mission is to help us all ride the best waves of our lives. Ross has refined his pathway to success over three decades. It’s achievable for anyone from the complete novice to the highest level of performance.


Tropicsurf is the world’s foremost surf coaching and vacation provider. Nobody does surfing like Tropicsurf does.

When was the last time you took the time to imagine yourself surfing way better than you do?

In 2024, Tropicsurf has tailored a limited opportunity to join likeminded surfers on the Surf Progression Vacation that will excelerate your surfing life forever. Xcelerate is the word we’re using: It’s a combo of accelerating (going faster) and exhilarating (meaning thrilling).

Xcelerate your surfing and you can experience the thrill of getting faster and better, sooner. 


Start by taking the first step - our questionnaire will guide us on where you’re at in your surfing progression, so we can match abilities on our progression vacations. Fill in our questionnaire now.

This is an unrivalled strategic surfing plan and dream coaching/athlete support team that has been put together so you can get the best waves of your life, and progress to a level that you take home with you.

Tropicsurf progression vacation coaches know the nuances of every surfer’s pathway to progress, and are experts at helping you get there quicker. 

The September 2024 package includes 7 nights' accommodation twin share at the COMO Maalifushi Resort Maldives, return seaplane transfers. daily surfing with world-class surf coach Ryley Haskell, Daily video filming and analysis with professional cinematographer and film maker Sean Gilhooley, bodywork with All Blacks bodyworker Penny Wills providing daily on-board tweak-ups, a progress map based on the lifetime knowledge of Ross Phillips, Founder & Director Tropicsurf and Surfbetter, guidance on topics including choosing the best equipment, forecasting surf and the importance of mind-set, scheduled yoga and meditation classes, full board meals, daily cocktails and a group beach dinner.


Surfing isn’t the average sport – it’s hard – but does that mean we should forever remain as an average surfer, however that feels to each one of us? 



Contact our team today and share your surfing progression dreams or apply here


Tropicsurf Communications Manager




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