An Inside Look at the One&Only Palmilla, Mexico

by Tropicsurf Blog December 12, 2018

An Inside Look at the One&Only Palmilla, Mexico

This is the inside scoop from those who have extensive knowledge of the One&Only Palmilla, Mexico. First hear from Matt Lindsay and Chucho.  These Tropicsurf Guides have lived on property for an extensive period of time and knows the resort - and surrounding waves - better than anyone. Also featured are tips from the head-honcho of Tropicsurf, Ross Phillips, who has extensive knowledge of all of our Tropicsurf partner resorts, and who knows the concept of luxury surfing better than anyone on this planet. Here, they all provide some quality tips on the One & Only Palmilla. Enjoy!


The earlier the better surfing at East Cape, to beat any wind that may come up. For less crowds, ask us to drive you further up the coast to find more secluded waves. This is the authentic Mexican desert surfing experience, and if you’re lucky, you can be surfing alone on long point breaks that suit all levels.

Or high rollers can do the Cape in style by taking the O&O yacht. Or on a medium swell take a light plane to Scorpion Bay, one of the world’s longest peeling waves.

Try the Surfer’s Massage, a restorative combo of massage, stretching, and electronic treatment focusing on the major areas of soreness for surfers.


Thursday night Art Walk in San Jose (seasonal) is the most festive night of the week. Runs from 5-10pm. The streets are closed to traffic and all the local vendors, art galleries, restaurants open with music and performances.

Away from the resort, we like La Lupitas Gourmet Tacos in San Jose Del Cabo. The scallop taco is amazing.

ROSS (Director of TS) & DI PHILLIPS

O&O’s Seared Restaurant possibly has the best cuts of meat in the world. Try almost any of them - the Beef Rib, New York or Rib Fillet. If you enjoy a prime cut, this restaurant is faultless on so many levels.

Or take the drive to Flora Farms. It’s well worth it. Great ambience, music, shops, food. Most produce is organically grown on the property and the freshness is noticeable. If you don’t mind your daily hit of healthy veggies, order the ‘Walk in the Garden.’ It’s art that can be eaten. Impressive.